Individuals and institutions with considerable experience in conservation matters as well as "young professionals" are very welcome to become members.

Upon decision of the annual meeting of the German committee applicants need to be proposed by two members of ICOMOS Germany before the annual meeting of members decides about the admission. As of 2016, the membership fee is 90 euros for individuals, 45 euros for Young Professionals (younger than 30 years), 180 euros for sustaining members, and 350 euros for institutional members.

Students at a university studying for a degree in a heritage discipline, e.g. restoration, history of art, archaeology, architecture, World Heritage studies, etc can become members of ICOMOS Germany if they fulfil the following:

Icomos proof of a bachelor's degree with professional qualifications;
Icomos proof of two successful seminar papers on heritage protection, conservation, restoration, World Heritage sites, etc in a master's degree course;
Icomos an expert statement and letter of recommendation by a professor in the field of heritage conservation, stating that the applicant has successfully participated in relevant courses;
Icomos a curriculum vitae and motivation letter (describing why they wish to become members);
Icomos a filled-out application form and written approval of the ICOMOS Ethical Principles;
Icomos a written endorsement of the application by two members of ICOMOS Germany.

You can download information here about how to become a member (statutes, application form, etc).:

PDF Mitgliedsantrag für Einzelmitglieder
PDF Mitgliedsantrag für Institutionen
PDF Ethical Principles 2014